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Groups at Inspirations

Upcoming Groups  


Positive Parenting Group

Dr. Fred Gerhard will be offering a counseling group for parents of teenagers and parents with young adults living with them. If your interactions with your teenagers cause you stress, call to see if this might be the group for you. Topics we will cover include better communication, reducing conflicts, healing angry interactions, cooperative problem solving, valuing and appreciating one another, and fostering responsibility and maturity.  The group will begin January 24th at 6:00pm for 10 sessions Monday evenings, each 1 ½ hours. Counseling groups at Inspirations are covered by insurance. We also offer a sliding scale to ensure the group is affordable for those not using insurance. To learn more call 978-443-0714.

 Dr. Fred Gerhard is a clinical psychologist who has facilitated successful therapy groups since 1987. Call 978-443-0714  to see if this therapy group is right for you.


Commuter's Coaching Group

Have you been considering your next step in life? Inspirations Inc in Sudbury offers a life coaching group starting January 31st, Monday, at 7:00am during the morning commute. This one hour morning group is a chance to meet others like you who want to take charge of their lives, set goals, and reach them. Whether your focus is a better job, more family time, retirement, following a creative passion you’ve put off, or something unique to your life, come join the Commuter’s Coaching Group and let’s make it happen. Cost for the coaching group is $20 per session. This is a 10 week group. Space is limited to six people. This group will be led by Fred Gerhard, a life coach, a psychologist, and a licensed mental health counselor at Inspirations: Positive Psychotherapy and Creative Coaching, 353 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA.  Call to reserve your place or to learn more: 978-443-0714. Easy access from Sudbury and the surrounding towns: Framingham, Natick, Weston, Wayland, Lincoln, Concord, Maynard, Acton, Stow, Hudson, and Marlborough.

To learn about any of these groups or to inquire about joining a group, call 978-443-0714.


"You want a better kind of future, one that everyone can share. You're not alone" 

- Paul McCartney 





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